How it works ?

Set up your wallets

First select your wallet. Then click the wallet icon in the upper right corner to link your wallet to the NFTDeli platform. You can browse supported wallets for more information.

Create your collection

Click on My Collections and create your collection. Add your social media links, profile picture, short bio and selling price.

Add your NFTs

Upload your work to NFTDeli. These can be images, video, or some audio content. Don't forget to customize the work you add with a title and description.

Trade using NFTDeli!

Collect NFTs by participating in auctions or buying fixed-price works with NFTDeli. Or, if you want to sell sales, easily sell your NFTs using NFTDeli.

While starting

Learn how to create and set up a wallet. Don't forget to check out what you can do with NFTDeli.

Security policies

Check out the policies we have implemented for your safety at NFTDeli.

Using NFTDeli

Learn about what you can do using the NFTDeli platform.


If you have any problems, reach out to NFTDeli and feel free to ask for help.


Using NFTDeli, learn how to buy NFT and how much gas you will pay.


Learn how to sell NFTs with the NFTDeli platform using different listing options.


Unleash your creativity and leave your mark on the digital art world.


You may have some problems. Visit our frequently asked questions topic and we will find answers to your questions.

Partners & Developers

Learn how you can partner with us for your NFT drops.